Playful Grey and White Nursery

My sweet friend and coworker Johanna had her baby girl earlier this year, and asked me to help her put together a concept for Emma’s nursery. Knowing Johanna well, I had a hard time resisting designing a pink paradise --- she appreciates more neutral tones like greys, whites and blacks. However, I worked my magic and convinced her to include hints of pinks and wood tones to soften the overall look and feel of the room.

To get Johanna inspired and buy into the vision, I put together a couple mood boards for her to visualize the concept I had put together. Then, I equipped her with a hefty spreadsheet, organized by item. I linked out to options at various price points, giving her the ability to make informed decisions and choose the items she liked best.


Once she purchased her throw pillows, shelving unit, and other decorative accessories, we scheduled time over Veterans Day weekend for me to join her at her home in the East Bay and get to styling!

The day was so much fun. I found out that Johanna is incredible at assembling IKEA furniture -- something I do not have the patience for! Because of that, we made a great team. It reinforced my love for helping others design spaces that they will love spending time in. I’m excited to report that little Emma slept in her room for the first time the other night! I hope she loves growing up to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for her.

Take a peek…


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