That Pink Chair...

I was not expecting this to happen!

that pink chair instagram

My most recent Saturday morning Instagram post got some CRAZY engagement. I still don’t know why it picked up the way it did… more people have liked it than I even have followers! I wasn’t on my phone Saturday morning and afternoon, so coming back to almost 1,000 likes was shocking to me.

I posted on my Insta stories yesterday about my initial reaction to seeing that crazy number of little red hearts. I was freaking out at first, but then remembered that my life is no different after posting this pic and watching it take off, than the day before when I took the picture. It was my first real experience with the viral nature of hashtag usage (though I have been hashtagging for a while now!) and the algorithm may have liked the post because several verified accounts engaged with it. Who knows, really… but my message today is mainly about the fact that likes don’t really mean anything at the end of the day, except for that people liked the photo or the message. Literally, that’s it.

You are no better if you have 1,000 likes than if you have 10. I expected to feel differently if I ever had a post do really well. The engagement has been awesome and I hope it brings traffic to the blog and my new Youtube channel, but even if it does, I’m no different today than I was yesterday.

If you are pursuing the life you truly want, and you aren’t curating it for others, but designing it for yourself, then you are on the right path.

My goal with Bliss is to share home styling and happy living from the POV of a 20-something girl in the city. I’m imperfect, I am learning on-the-go, and my life is a little messy at times, but my home has really become the place where everything feels right. Where I am safe, comforted and secure. Where my dreams can become my reality. Where I can be ME and don’t have to pretend. I want everyone to feel this way when they walk into their space.

I know I have been called to do something with this vision…. and I have a feeling this is just the start!