Scenes from Nashville

Hero Boutique Nashville


A weekend in Nashville through my eyes.

Some of you may know that I jetted off to Nashville for a last-minute work trip a few weeks ago. I love being able to take a weekend away every once in a while, and it’s great to not have to pay for your flight or accommodations!

My work obligations were over on Saturday mid-day, but that didn’t stop me from having an amazing time the whole weekend long! My favorite part of the trip were all the gorgeous sights and scenes. Nashville is truly booming and I loved all of the hip coffee shops, storefronts and wall murals that I saw as I explored the city on a chilly, rainy weekend. There was so much design inspiration everywhere I went!

Here were some of the things I did, along with pictures of my travels. I didn’t do nearly enough during my stay (I wanted a chill weekend after a pretty crazy couple of weeks) so I have a feeling I’ll be coming back soon!

Stayed at: BODE Nashville

A hip Airbnb-concept hotel that opened just three months ago. It’s an old apartment complex that they updated and painted a sleek black color. The main “concierge” is a coffee shop called The Hub with plenty of places to sit and work. They serve up great almond milk lattes and yummy sweet and savory toasts. The people who worked at Bode were so kind and helpful, and it was a really convenient location right in the heart of Nashville.

Chopped my hair off at: The White Cactus Salon

I had been meaning to make an appointment in San Francisco to get my hair cut, but couldn’t find anyone available when I had time. After using Yelp to research salons in Nashville, I landed on The White Cactus and booked an appointment with Taryn. She did the most amazing job and gave me exactly what I wanted — a total hair chop transformation (see the her Instagram here for the before and after!) I love the new style and wish I could come back to see her again soon! Plus, a haircut in Nashville is SUCH a better deal than in San Francisco. The White Cactus was so chic, clean and spacious. I loved its country boho desert vibe.

Dined at: True Food Kitchen, The Green Pheasant, Hattie B’s, Crema Coffee, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Bartaco

I’m really looking forward to coming back to Nashville only because I didn’t get to truly experience all of the cuisine the city has to offer! I had to Uber Eats a couple times because of my work schedule (I was able to get my favorite order at Pita Pit, a total treat I haven’t had since college!) but I did hit up some of the popular spots including True Food (outside of downtown in the Green Hills area), Hattie B’s (known for their famous hot chicken), The Green Pheasant (great happy hour and Japanese) Jeni’s Ice Cream (where I tried their Goat Cheese Cherry ice cream… omg YUM), and lastly Bartaco, where my friend Andrea and I enjoyed guac, chips and tacos. It reminded me a lot of Tacolicious, a San Francisco staple.

Shopped at: Ensemble, Draper James, Summer Classics, White’s Mercantile, Vinnie Louise

Ensemble was located just a short walk from Bode, and I heard about it from the sweet girl who cut my hair! She told me they had $10 jewelry, and I was sold. After not shopping for about a month and a half for any home goods or accessories, I was ready for a little retail therapy! I found some really cool necklaces and a bracelet to wear to the Kacey Musgraves concert I have coming up.

I took a trip to 12 South and was able to stop in Reese Witherspoon’s store, Draper James. It is very Southern prep, but I loved all the denim! I ended up buying a super cute sidebody bag and ordered a denim jacket that I had my eye on as well. They serve sweet tea when you walk in, and the girls who work there are so friendly and helpful. Plus, the store is extremely well merchandised. It feels like you’re walking into Reeses’ home!

Summer Classics is a brand I’ve actually never heard of before, but their store was right by Draper James so I stopped inside and found some great candles and match boxes to take home. They specialize in outdoor furniture, and have an indoor home decor line as well. I will keep them in mind for future projects!

I had heard a ton of good things about White’s Mercantile, and it did not disappoint. Just down the road a few blocks, it sits back from the street in this cute old general store. I left with a t-shirt, some trinkets, cards and a candle made in honor of the owner’s grandmother, June. I could have spent so much time browsing! It was like my version of paradise and I saw a ton of things in the store that I already own!

On Sunday, I visited Vinnie Louise after dining at Bartaco with my friend Andrea. I loved this store’s style and took home with me two really cute tops that I can’t wait to wear out. The clothes in Nashville are definitely different than what you see back at home, so I was excited to find a few things that can remind me of my trip every time I put them on!

Went to church at: The Belonging Co.

Guys. This. Church. It was like my home church, Canvas SF, on steroids! It happened to be TBCO’s 5th Birthday Celebration so the energy was extremely high and everyone had a big smile on their face. The worship was absolutely breathtaking… their team includes real-life Christian artists Natalie Grant and Cody Carnes (Kari Jobe’s husband) as well as an amazing up-and-coming pop artist, Daniella Mason. I love that the church was created by musicians, originally not intended to be a church but a meaning of fellowship for musical creatives… and then it just grew! I felt SO much sitting in that Sunday service. Henry and Alex, the lead pastors, are incredible at what they do and they are able to communicate God’s word so clearly and with so much heart and passion. I know that when I land in Nashville again, I’ll be paying TBCO another visit!