My 2019 Intention

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I have never been one to stick to New Year’s resolutions, so when I heard about this idea of intention setting in the new year, I instantly felt like I had something to look forward to. Setting an intention (putting it out into the universe, essentially) isn’t pressure-laden like resolutions are. It’s not about sticking with something until you happen to fail — it’s about weaving a treasured feeling into your life in natural ways, and enjoying the process.

This year, my one-word intention is CREATE.

I have had this incredible hankering since I was a little girl to be a maker of some sort. I was always drawing, playing with stickers, writing stories, singing songs… and as I got older, I found blogging to be a great outlet. In fact, I started my first blog when I was just 12! It was called “Teen Fashion Bible” and yes — it’s still on the internet.

Home styling and design is something I’ve been passionate about forever, and as I’ve graduated and started my journey #adulting, I realized it was really the realm I want to pursue a career in. I grew up with a mom who had wonderful taste and thoughtfully decorated our home. She let me play around in my room throughout the years and put up with my constant rotation of collages, outfits on a mannequin and lots and lots of accessories styling. There is nothing like coming home to a space that you just love to be in. It also makes it really hard to leave sometimes :)

So what does this mean — to CREATE — in 2019?

  • To find the beauty in the every day and share it with others

  • To find ways to live a more minimal but meaningful life — less stuff, more moments

  • To make more irreplaceable memories with family and friends — I foresee some travel in the future!

  • To build community and cultivate a sense of belonging within my circles (at work, church, etc)

  • To make things with my hands: scrapbook more, try new recipes, work on hand-lettering & arrange flowers

  • To focus on quality content for my blog that empowers readers to create the home of their dreams — first up, my Girl’s Guide to Apartment Living!

  • To explore video content and start a YouTube channel to share my home styling & happy living

  • To up my Pinterest game this year — I have a big goal for viewership in mind!

  • To give myself permission to dream about the future, but not let that hold me back from making it a reality today. Essentially, jump right in and don’t think twice!

What I’ve found is that I’ve always had big and bold ideas, but never really jumped in and lived them full out. That’s the part that always scares me, and ultimately held me back from creating the blog, the business, the vision.

But not this year! This year, I am giving myself permission to explore and to create and to probably fail in the process, with the goal of looking back at the end of the year and being happy that I said “yes” to the things that I’ve always been afraid to try.

I’m ready to create a beautiful life this year… can’t wait to share the journey with you!

Happy New Year!

P.S. The image at the top is an iPhone background for 6/7/8/Plus phones. I created it as my screensaver for the start of this year — a constant reminder to CREATE!

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