In San Francisco, our fall is only fall-ish.

We don't get those gorgeous East Coast or Midwest color changes (such a bummer!) The temperature doesn't just suddenly drop to sweater weather overnight... we are already used to the fog rolling in whenever it pleases! But with a time-change and Halloween upon us, I'm finally feeling autumn make its presence known.

I love walking through my neighborhood and seeing porches decked out with pumpkins, faux-cobwebs and the occasional hairy spider. When I have a front porch of my own to decorate one day, you best be sure I'll be decorating it to a T for a cozy fall welcome.

For now, I have to limit my fall decor to a few small accents. My total living space is about 600 square feet so I don't have a ton of space to play around with. Here are my top tips for paying tribute to the season in a simple and subtle way:

Create a cozy playlist

One way you can amp up the cozy without spending any money is creating your own fall playlist. The songs on mine remind me of snuggling in flannel sheets, curling up with a cup of spiced tea on the couch, or taking a walk in the crisp evening air during golden hour. I've shared my playlist with you here on Spotify -- just stream it through your wireless speaker at home for instant fall vibes.

Stock up on mini pumpkins

These little guys are perfect for apartment living! They are easy to dispose of (compost them when the season is over) and don't take up much room. I have a few I picked up at Trader Joe's that have found a home on my kitchen bistro table.

Style your fall favorites front-and-center

I spruced up my entryway with a variety of gourds and pumpkins accompanying a market basket, fall hat and patterned scarf. As soon as I step foot in my apartment, this little vignette encourages me to embrace the season!

How do you welcome fall into your space? I'd love to hear in the comments below!