Many Magazines Later...

Earlier this year, I had a lot of expiring airline points (but not enough to redeem for even a one-way flight)! I decided to redeem them on magazine subscriptions in effort to save money when I get tempted on my trips to Target or the airport when traveling.

I didn’t realize just HOW many subscriptions I signed up for until they started arriving. I literally have a huge pile of magazines that I have to hide in my closet when people come over! I don’t have the time to read them all within the month that I receive them… it’s an issue.

Slowly but surely, I’ve started to make my way through them and really try to enjoy them. I sit on my floor or the couch and tear out any inspiration that I find: this could be a pretty outdoor scene or a unique living room look.

Many magazines later, I’m sharing some of the pages I’ve been most inspired by… some apparent themes stand out:

• Bold colors, patterns and textures

• Use of natural elements like cane, wicker and wood

• Serene outdoors scenes (this city girl needs to get out every once in a while)!

• Chic outdoor living spaces that redefine what patio furniture should look like